Are you sensitive to ecology? And particularly to the pollution generated by digital technology?
How to limit this nuisance on your website?

The solution:


Realize the reduction of digital pollution

The principle

My objective

I want to create or modify my website with the optimization of digital sobriety.

The weight

I check the weight of my website :

Le détail

EcoIndex 79 Eau (cl) 2.13 GES (gCO2e) 1.42
Nombre de requêtes 13 Taille de la page (Ko) 324 Taille du DOM 251

The result

The website will be automatically certified (or labeled) according to the weight of my CO 2 (EcoIndex A or B) :



The project httpe

The objective is to initiate the project directly on the W3C.

Do not hesitate to contact us


CO2 reduction

We will use less digital resources on:

  • – my computer
  • – my website
  • – the server I installed

Concrete effort

When I am going to create, modify or renew my website, I will engage in digital sobriety.


The result: the challenges of research (Google, Qwant, Bing, etc.) will respectively favor referrals httpe, https and http referencing.

Start httpe on the W3C ?

The more actors we have to reduce digital pollution, the more the W3C will engage the project :

    Our actor support