1 June 2021 - Commnunication

A digital innovation

We buy local fruits and vegetables labeled “organic” out of conviction and easily identify them. But what about digital? Is there a label to visualize the ecological effort linked to digital?

Well yes, this label still in gestation exists but cannot live without you!

Here is the httpe. This is a certified label visually identifiable upon connection to a website. Through its method of identification, the httpe stimulates all the levers aimed at reducing digital pollution.

By launching this program on the W3C and with the partners (GreenIT among others), you will be able to verify that your website is part of digital ecology or what would be the means to achieve it and thus label your communication protocol in httpe.

Are you concerned with digital cleaning up? Would you like a meaningful gauge? Don’t hesitate to come forward!

Personally: “I want to support CO2 reduction thanks to httpe

Professionally: “My company supports the httpe program and I accept the visibility of my logo as a partner

The more people we have mobilized, (private, companies, key accounts, associations) the more credit the httpe project will have with the W3C.

Le détail

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